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Houston Education Division is a beauty institute that originated in Hollywood and was the first specialty makeup artist school in Houston. 

In the beginning, Touch Makeup Academy had large classes, meeting the growing industry demand for trained makeup artists. Now, years later, we have an even larger demand for trained professional makeup artists in the Houston market.


However, we only accept up to six to ten students per semester as it is our priority to ensure the best developmental results out of our apprenticing students. In recognizing the value of interactive training, our courses consists of both in-class and in-the-field experience. With this format and great student to teacher ratio, Touch Makeup Academy has seen its students separate themselves from the rest and progress into some of the best makeup artists around!


As a student, you will receive a sneak peek into our Hollywood roots giving you backstage pass to a successful makeup education. Our collective board of educators are veterans in the entertainment and beauty industries and have worked with countless celebrities. Thus bringing you every piece of knowledge they have gathered along the way.

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