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Internship Submission 

We here at Touch Makeup Academy, love pouring into our students with as much real-life experience as we can give them.


If you're a production company, charity, clothing designer, or something along those lines we welcome you to submit to join our Preferred Industry Partner Program (P.I.P.P.) within our Student Internship program here at Touch Makeup Academy!

What does this mean?

Being in the Preferred Industry Partner Program (P.I.P.P.) allows you to do the following but not limited to:


  • Requests for intern makeup artists

  • Discount rates for pro makeup artists 

  • Cross marketing  

  • Pop up beauty bars 



Don't wait to submit your event today! 


Please Note: More details about our program will be given upon submission. 






Non-School Service Requests Only!

Please Note: Any school inquires will not be processed through this page.

For more info on programs, please click the tab EDUCATION


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