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Workshop Announcements

Natural Glam Make-up Lesson 
With celebrity Makeup artist and Pro MUA Trainer Shay The MUA   


Get a step by step guide on full face makeup-up application from start to finish. 

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers 

  • How does it work?

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Book a Facial Feature Analysis. ​This is a zoom appointment that takes about 10 mintues. You and artist/trainer, Shay The MUA will disuss your beauty goals. Once this is done you can make payment and attend the lesson on zoom for $50 or in-person for $75

  •  What should I expect for the zoom class?

This is a fun, laid-back learning environment. The class in totality is 90 minutes.  It takes about 15-20 mintues for each subject and there are three subjects. Leaving ample time for introductions and questions. For the zoom'ers, you do not have to have your camera on. Just sit back and learn.

  • What will I learn? 

*Flawless Foundation* - Corrective Concealing - Your Star Feature - Attractive Enhancement *Fast & Flawless Eye-Makeup* - Eyeshadow Placement - False Eyelashes - Eyeliner Enhancement *Flirty, Flawless Lips* - Lip Illusions - Lip Outlining - Colors

  • Why should I book this class? 

Did you know they don't train the average makeup sales person? The only training they always get is how to get you to buy more then what you need! Many times we have on things that are not meant for us, meaning in some cases it was meant to be put on by pro makeup artist. Take the guess work out of it and look your personal best!

  • How do I pay? 

You will get an email invitation with your booking information once payment has been made via Venmo or Zelle if paying in advance.

  • What if I want to come in person?

We are only able to host a Downtown Houston in-person class if we have 30 or more people sign up for it. After your facial feature analysis, you will pay $50 up front and the rest at the door if we get enough signups. If not, you will have a spot in the zoom class.

Facial Feature Analysis
Book it now, it's Free!
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Pro Only Workshops Below


Color Theory & Airbrushing 101

Coming Soon

Three classes have been grouped together for a  jam packed educational experience with a new creative, fun hands-on lesson plan.


Learn the science of beauty and how to enhance it for each face and its unique features. 

Beauty Enhancement:

  • The History of Beauty

  • Golden Ratio of Beauty

  • Skin Preparation

  • Facial Sculpting

  • Contouring

  • Highlighting

Learning to master color as a makeup artist is one of the most important lessons you can learn. This class will teach you how to fully understand the ends and outs of Color Theory.

Color Theory:

  • Color Wheel Introduction

  • The Science of Color

  • Complementary Colors

  • Corrective Colors

  • Color Mixing

Learn how to airbrush an entire face of beauty quickly and to perfection!

Airbrushing 101:


  • Gear Safety

  • Silicone vs Water Base

  • Back Brushing

  • Brush Control

  • Airbrush Foundation

  • Airbrush Blush

  • Airbrush Eyebrows

  • Airbrush Highlighting and Contouring

  • Mixing Traditional and Airbrushing Techniques

  • Airbrush Smokey Eye


All three classes must be purchased in order to receive the discounted rate and the Giveaway items. 

This is an invite only special please check your email for other requirements and details about this special offer.  


*Please note: Our Beginning Basics 101 course is a prerequisite to enter this course. If you have not taken our BB 101 course, you will be asked to purchase the next available BB101 course offering prior to you attending our Color Theory + Airbrushing course.

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