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Side affects for this eye makeup technique may cause whiplash and heart break! 


Where there is smoke there is fire! come learn how

W.hat T.he F.ace CONTOUR CLASS

There are so many wtf contour tutorial online that it makes it imposable to know what will work for you!

Did you know hat contour is different for every single person? THERE IS NO ONE TECHNIQUE FOR ALL. 


This is why with this class it is required to send clear photos of your self with no makeup on before starting training  

Beginning Basics 101

Makeup fundaments and beauty theory Class duration: 3-hours (including 1 on 1)

  • How to Foundation Match: 

Did you know that no one is only one undertone? 

In this part of the curriculum, we will cover how to see the skintones’ percentage radiating under the surface.

  •  Product knowledge: 

Many people know there are different types of skin but did you know there is a foundation that works best for each one?  

In this part of the curriculum, you will learn what types of foundations work best with each different skin type. In addition, we will teach you which foundations have become the industry standard.

  • Seamless Foundation Application: 

Great application starts with the right tools, did you know that using the wrong applicator can make or break your foundation application?

In this part of the curriculum, you will learn how to use tools and texture to get a flawless application!

  • Brows 

Did you know that brows can have been used to convey emotion in the 1920 silent film area?  

In this part of the curriculum, we will teach not only one of the techniques for getting the perfect brow but also the meaning behind the shape you choose.  

  • Your Tool Assessment 

Bring all the brushes that you presently own to class with you, we want to show you the best way to use them! (Note: Your brushes will not be used for doing makeup in class) 

This activity and others will take place as each student is having their one on one consultation with the professor (so everyone will not get a chance to participate). 

  • Student Consultation 

Do you want to do makeup for a living? If so, in what capacity and in what field? 

Many people want to be a makeup artist but few know what that means and/or what it takes to achieve. In conclusion to your training you will receive individualized time to talk about your career path as an artist. 

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