Touch Makeup Academy Enrollment 

To enroll you are required to attend an introductory class. 

This is a fun educational expectancy that allows our masters of makeup education to see you’re learning style and motivations for becoming a professional makeup artist. This enables us to customize the perfect lesson plan for you and your classmates.  

Limited Seating Available 

The next Intro class quick glance overview: 


What | The introductory class is about 90 minutes of jam-packed makeup education! Here we treat you as though you are already enrolled at our school. Therefore, you will be trained as such and we expected you to play the role as well by wearing all back, show up on time and etc... 


When | The next class is: Dates vary depending on when your application is processed. 


Where |  Downtown Campus. 


Why | Because we want to meet you, find out where you are on your journey of becoming a pro makeup artist and make sure that our Top Makeup School is the right fit for both parties. 


How | To get an invitation with more information about this event and our school simply fill out the form above and you will receive an invitation to the next available class within 72 hours of your email. 



Next Intro Class


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Where are you located? Corporate Office; 1011 Wood St. Houston TX 77002 We are by APPOINTMENT ONLY. | How do I contact you for an appointment? Call our answering service at 832-910-8184 or fill out our intro class info for the fastest response. How do I enroll? | Click on APPLY and sign up for an introductory Class.Dress code? | All back | Will I get a certificate? Yes, | What is your Return Policy? Due to the amount of effort, time, products and services that are rendered during the course of your education, we are unable to make any returns. Once you have confirmed your payment and signed your contract, we cannot offer you a refund. There are no exceptions to this policy. | Terms of Service | Do you offer financial aid? We can refer third-party lenders or put you on one of our school payment plans. | Do you help with job placement? We train you on how to get business including building a website and connect you with people and companies that are looking for our students/graduates. However a very select amount of students will be offered a place in our Agency.  What is your Privacy Policy? We share your information as apart of your program, to relevant sources in the industry. 

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