The Age of Beauty

In the beauty and fashion industry, it is all about perfection, perfection in the clothing, makeup, hair and most of all the model. These creatures of beauty must have amazing skin, a great slender body, a look to kill for and a walk to die for.

So, there's no way that someone over 30, could ever be a model right? Well, Carmen Dell’Orefice now at the full bloomed age of 85, started her modeling debut in the early 1940s.

Carmen has since reignited her career after losing her life savings in the Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. To her delight there has been a surprising increse in the use of mature models.

Its been reported in the Huffington Post that "over 21 models over age 50 walked the runways of New York, Paris, London and Milan. While this might sound like a small number, it’s significant when compared to previous seasons: It’s a whopping 160 percent increase over Spring 2016, when only five were hired. Eleven models over 50 walked in Fall 2016, according to theFashionSpot, and 13 were employed for Spring 2017."

So we ask, why? Why are we now seeing true beauty; a life well lived and not just the outer perfections? Some argue that todays youth are all trend no originality, making more of a clone community instead of a diverse society. Could this be the reason for the rise of baby boomers in fashion?

Whatever the reasons are the result are in every laught line,wrinkal and gray hair that graces the runway.. Showing all of us the true eessence of beauty; LIFE!

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