I Feel pretty, but you just don't get it!

Everyone wants to put their best face forward, whether you are assuming the role of a macho man or the lovable nerd, your fashion plays a huge part in how the world views you.

Wearing that mini shirt with your hair in ponytails will certainly give you that sweet but sexy appeal. Want to look smarter? Flaunt some square frame glasses with a sensible blazer.

No matter what persona you are embracing there is an outfit, lipstick or hairstyle that will support it.

Nonetheless, what if the look we put on is not being received in the way we want?

Well that's unfortunately happening every day with a few of your favorite trends.

Here is a case of:

I Feel pretty, but you just don't get it!

5 Trends That Women Live For, But Men Can Live Without

1. Fake Eyelashes

Whenever you do anything on your body that can't be achieved in naturally men tend to not like it. According to a by poll Daily-Mail. and many others on the topic lots of men say that the big fake lashes look like you're trying too hard.

Next time your going out with a guy, and not the girls, try to do a fake lash that could pass as yourown.

2. Harlem Pants

All though many dancers have brought the funk in a pair of Harlem pants, the pants themselfs will not get you a partner on the the dance floor. The opposite sex wants to see your curves! Wearing anything that hits your rump shaker is a no go for sex appeal.

3. Colored Lip Stick

Your lips are a tool of suduction, with every word you say your date is thinking about kissing you. So, if your lipstick makes you look like a character from the Hunger Games, it maybe taking away from the romance. (They also don't want to get it on them).

4. Eyebrows Trends

The eyebrows are the frame to the art that is your face.

So, when you put a Rembrandt painting in a mickey mouse picture frame, you're are selling yourself short. The goal is to inhance your beauty, not distract from it. Many man and women are just confused by the newest eyebrow treads and just wonder WHY?

5. Romper

Not unlike the Harlem Pants, this is about seeing the curves of your body. Many rompers not only make your body look more boxy, some men think the trend look like a onesie.

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