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I am a fashion photographer based in Houston, Tx. My style is simple, edgy, and innovative.

I recently separated from active duty service with the United States Marines after 10 years of service and moved back to Houston from Okinawa, Japan. I decided to leave behind that career to follow my dream of becoming one of Houston’s and N. America's top fashion and commercial photographers.


I am a Father, Husband, Marine, and I simply love the art of creating amazing imagery. I enjoy working with a team of talented individuals for the purpose of coming together to create a single image that is better than anyone of us could have created alone. I'm talented at adapting to changing situations quickly and keeping clients comfortable in front of my camera.


I produce imagery for magazines, advertising campaigns, lookbooks and fashion designers. 


I love fashion photography. I enjoy working with a team, and thoroughly believe that we accomplish more together than we do separately. 


Mission Statement:


Black Smith Photo will remain in perpetual pursuit of the perfect image via the medium of photography. We are creative, innovative and dedicated to being better today than we were yesterday. 

Where are you located? Corporate Office; 1011 Wood St. Houston TX 77002 We are by APPOINTMENT ONLY. | How do I contact you for an appointment? Call our answering service at 832-910-8184 or fill out our intro class info for the fastest response. How do I enroll? | Click on APPLY and sign up for an introductory Class.Dress code? | All back | Will I get a certificate? Yes, | What is your Return Policy? Due to the amount of effort, time, products and services that are rendered during the course of your education, we are unable to make any returns. Once you have confirmed your payment and signed your contract, we cannot offer you a refund. There are no exceptions to this policy. | Terms of Service | Do you offer financial aid? We can refer third-party lenders or put you on one of our school payment plans. | Do you help with job placement? We train you on how to get business including building a website and connect you with people and companies that are looking for our students/graduates. However a very select amount of students will be offered a place in our Agency.  What is your Privacy Policy? We share your information as apart of your program, to relevant sources in the industry. 

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