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A Word From Our Director of Photography 


John Director of Photography @TMA

One of the most important parts of being an artist is showing your work.


A famous quote that really sums it up is: "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Well, if you make a masterpiece and don't have it professionally documented, are you really an artist

As you progress in your makeup education you will learn many skills, techniques and categories of makeup artistry.


If you make it all the way through to the master courses, you will learn how to take that knowledge and build a story. 

A lookbook or portfolio is not a before and after picture done with your phone and edited with face-tone.


It's an artistic moment of life mimicked, reimagined and captured behind the leans of my camera.



Welcome to Touch Makeup Academy.


Student Announcement 

MUA needed onsite for makeup application and touch-ups for film opportunity.

# of positions to be filled: 2

Dates: October 18th-30th

Times: Day/8 hours but may vary depending on set conditions

Conditions: Indoor, Outdoor, Onset

Accommodations: Hotel (included)

Reimbursements allowed: No / Not applicable

Location(s): (2) - Harris (Houston metro) and Houston counties

Pay: DOE - Depending on experience

To be considered, please submit:

  • First and Last Name

  • Email address

  • Social media portfolio profile or portfolio (to be emailed)

  • Confirm you are able to meet all the requirements


  • Must be at least 21 years old

  • Must reliable transportation

  • Must be certified in makeup application

  • Must have your own kit 

  • Must wear conservative all black attire

  • Must be knowledgable in sanitation/masking protocols

Deadline for submissions: October 13th, 2022 at 5:00pm

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